Business bigwigs ready to be bailed up

A BUNCH of big-hearted business people about town are rehearsing for some hard time in the slammer – but it’s all for a good cause.

In a captivating fundraiser, various Tamworth business people will be “arrested” by a police officer and then paraded through Centrepoint Arcade in a “walk of shame” to spend some time in the big house, under the watchful eye of “warden” Jodie Crosby. 

Senior Constable Andrena Sandison said she and her and colleagues didn’t expect to have to use force on the day and in an ironic twist, would “go easy” on their charges, all willing participants in the PCYC’s Time 4 Kids fundraiser.

“We’ll even supply the prisoners with coffee and donuts, courtesy of Donut King,” Senior Constable Sandison said.

Event co-ordinator Kylie O’Leary said in a sneaky move, one local firm had already raised $1000 for the cause - only their boss didn’t know a thing about his impending arrest. 

Wonder who that is? Perhaps all business people in Tamworth should remain alert - but not alarmed ...

Mrs O’Leary said she was more than happy to discuss any “surprise arrests” should other employees about town want to turn the tables and have their boss do some hard time for the worthy cause.

In order to be released, they must raise “bail” and she said in previous years, there had been cases of “bribery”, where cell doors were left slightly open to allow an escape through the shopping centre.

“We have a lot of fun on the day but the underlying reason we’re all doing this is so we can raise funds to help kids down the track stay away from the prison system,” Mrs O’Leary said.

“If we can raise money to fund programs at the PCYC, it gives our young kids plenty to do in their spare time, so they won’t get in to mischief and fall foul of the law.”

The initiative, held during National Youth Week, from April 5-14, will help raise awareness and tap community support for PCYC’s work with young offenders and young people “at risk”.

Apart from our pictured “felons”, other business people participating in the fundraiser include The Northern Daily Leader advertising manager Kylie Ticehurst.

Mrs O’Leary said there was still room for plenty more in the portable prison cell, which will be in Centrepoint on Thursday, April 10. 

Phone Mrs O’Leary on 6766 5009 or 0419 441 129 to arrange for your colleague to be locked up.

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