Coward act ‘disgusting’

DEVOTED dog owners Katy and Bill Ash did everything they could to ensure the safe return of their beloved four-legged friends, Webster and Pip, but their search has ended tragically.

Mr and Mrs Ash offered $500, then increased it to $1000, for the safe return of their four-legged family members, after they wandered from their property on Duri-Dungowan Rd on January 23.

On Tuesday night, a farmer in Marsden Park Rd said two dogs were dumped in a quarry on Middlebrook Rd about 12 days prior. The farmer said he recognised the bodies of the dogs from the story in The Leader.

They had been viciously killed and their owners are disgusted about how their “gentle, elegant friends” were treated by the “cowardly perpetrators”.

The condition the dogs were found is was so gruesome, The Leader has chosen not to publish the details.

Mrs Ash said they were able to recover the skeletal remains of Webster, but Pip’s remains had been taken, probably by birds or animals.

The couple had searched the road at least three times, so they know the dogs were taken, then dumped there. 

Mrs Ash said they at least had some closure on the disppearance of their family members and they could bury Webster’s remains “with some kind of dignity so deserved by this gentle, elegant friend”.

The matter has been reported to Tamworth police.

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