How many pies and ice creams in 2014?

This is but a request.

Many years ago The Leader used to put out some figures after the festival such as how many pies were sold, ice creams, beer etc, etc, with the grand total of income from the festival to the economy for Tamworth. 

I don’t recall seeing it in 20 years ,  but I only read your paper daily on the net. 

Do you still gather this information for any reason?

Had yet another great year, well done.

Frederick P Grady


Editor’s Note: Alas, Fred, commercial interests have taken over and so have the head office/franchise politics and too-hard-to-find computer reports.

Once upon a time we could get the number of kegs drunk at a popular pub, the number of loaves of bread baked in town and head counts at some places. 

We do our best to canvas the festival results but many invoke “commercial confidentiality” for declining to tell us too much. We still try and do get indications of relative results.

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