Leaping Lizards are now jumping for joy

A BUSTED transmission left Queensland band The Leaping Lizards without wheels for the festival and the prospect of becoming lugging lizards in the extreme heat didn’t exactly appeal.

Enter Kensell Holden patriarch Ian Kensell, whose son Scott is now the business proprietor, and a set of wheels was hastily arranged for the legless lizards.

“We had the highest cover in RACQ which entitled us to a hire car while 

our vehicle was being repaired, but with no hire cars within a 500km radius of Tamworth, we were in a real jam,” band member Donna Reynolds said. 

“We are so grateful to Kensell Holden for loaning us a vehicle for the duration of the festival. With gigs just about every day at Joe Maguire’s Pub, and our accommodation on the outskirts of Tamworth, maxi taxis would have cost us a motza!”

The Leaping Lizards are now leaping for joy, with a new album to share this festival celebrating 30 years of the band’s existence. It’s 30 tracks spanning 30 years for $30.

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