Victoria’s Avenue new girls on block

NEW Sydney band Victoria Avenue are the new girls on the block this festival and they’re worth watching.

The trio of 20-year-old women from the Hills district in Sydney played their first gig yesterday at The Goodies and play The Pub today, with gigs every day until next Sunday. Holly Moore, Tiara Maceri and Peta Ingleton make up the group and said they wanted to turn other young people to country music and be crossover artists.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is their first music festival – they decided they’d start with the big one.

The girls all went to the same singing school and formed a group when they were 14.

Peta said Tamworth would be a great experience for them.

“We’ve been doing a mix of songs, but now we know we’ll be in front of an audience who appreciate country music so much,” she said.

“We hope to take some of that support back to Sydney with us.”

Holly said Tamworth was also great for them because they were among other artists, and they didn’t see many other artists at other times of the year.

Peta said they had found their passion.

“We realise we needed to do this because we’re passionate about it,” she said.

Tiara said they had started taking their music seriously in the past eight months.

“When we turned 18 we started to do pub gigs and got lots of audiences who came repeatedly,” she said.

“We didn’t think it’d ever happen for us, so we wanted to make some music that’s our own. We’ve been writing originals and writing with other people.” 

Peta said it had been a whirlwind.

“This has all happened for us in eight months,” she said.

Their first single, Quit You, will be released following the festival and is an example of their style of new country.

They chose the song because it resonated with them.

“It’s important we’re singing things that mean something to us,” Peta said.

“It’s a song about the person who you know is the wrong person, but you can’t quit them.” 

Holly said they wanted to show people who they were and what they were about during the festival.

Further recording is in their plan for the year ahead, as is bringing more young people over to the country.

“We grew up listening to Taylor Swift. She’s a great writer and has reintroduced a lot of people to country,” Peta said.

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