Puppy will ease girl’s trauma

A KIND-HEARTED woman has stepped in to help a little girl struggling to come to terms with the tragic death of her beloved dog.

Seven-year-old Paige Grew remains deeply traumatised after witnessing a pack of dogs kill her pet, Jessie, last week.

The three large pig dogs entered her family’s yard at Curlewis on December 27 and mauled the Jack Russell, as well as killing a bull-mastiff.

After reading of Paige’s distress in The Leader last week, a woman has come forward to offer the girl one of her dog’s newborn pups.

Meg Arnall, from Ashley, near Moree, was moved to tears over the savage attacks and offered Paige a pup from a litter of Jack Russells born on December 17.

“The little girl is happy and I know it will be going to a good home, which is important for me,” the 29-year-old social worker said.

“It’s horrible for an adult, but it’s most definitely horrible for a child to have to witness that because dogs are man’s best friends. I’m glad I called and I’m glad they accepted the offer.”

Paige’s parents Chris Grew and Kylie Richards said they were touched by not only Ms Arnall’s kindness, but the outpouring of support from the community.

“It means a lot because it will help Paige to heal,” Miss Richards said. “The generosity of some people is really, really good.”

Miss Richards will make a formal statement next week about the incident to Gunnedah Shire Council, which is holding the offending dogs, advocating for their destruction.

“I definitely don’t want them back in the neighbourhood,” she said.

“A lot of people around here I’ve spoken to don’t want to have dangerous dogs around town. There are many old people who walk their dogs and kids running around here and it just wouldn’t be right.”

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