John serves a stretch in army boot camp

A SHEEP station is a long way from life in the Australia Army, but one Nundle businessman has just had a taste of life at boot camp.

DAG Sheep Station owner John Krsulja recently took part in the two-day Executive Stretch, which introduces employers and prospective employers of military reservists to military life.

The eight Tamworth employers went to Singleton for their army experience.

“My favourite highlight was pretty much everything we did,” Mr Krsulja said.

He said he enjoyed the simulation firing range, seeing the tracers, the obstacle course, learning survival techniques in the pool and the general insight into military life that they experienced.

“One of the main things I got out of it was the way they made you efficient with time, which has made me a little bit more aware of time. That’s what they were trying to show us,” he said.

Mr Krsulja said it also increased his respect for the military.

“I have respect for our diggers – past and those serving – but the behind the scenes of how the army works has given me more respect for them,” he said.

“There was nothing I didn’t like about the experience. It made me more humble. It was a privilege.”

The plasterer and function centre owner said he would definitely employ a reservist if the opportunity came up.

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