Tamworth police step up patrols

POLICE have stepped up patrols and are targeting known offenders in an attempt to drive down rising break-ins.

About half a dozen homes were hit by thieves on Wednesday night who made off with cars to get to their next target.

Tamworth police Acting Inspector Geoff Sharpe said offenders were stealing keys and cars once inside the homes. 

“There were several homes broken into in the Westdale area, a vehicle was stolen during one of those break-ins,” he said.

“That vehicle was then  driven by the offenders to the Oxley Vale area, unfortunately, where another couple of premises were broken into including one that had two vehicles stolen.”

The stolen vehicles were then sighted in the Taminda area, however police lost sight after a short time.

“There were two further break-ins or attempted break-ins in the area where some persons were disturbed by the occupants of those homes,” Acting Inspector Sharpe said.

“At this stage we have a belief that there is a minimum of three people involved,  but as to the identity of those persons we’re still following up some leads.”

The latest reports add to a string of break-and-enters in recent days.

“There has been an increase in the last week or so, but the target action group, police detectives and general duties officers are following up some inquiries in relation to the identity of these offenders,” Acting Inspector Sharpe said.

“There are some extra patrols taking place and those officers will be tasked to target out suspected persons.”

He said police were conducting bail checks but they urged residents to be vigilant and lock up. “There have been entries gained through some forced doors in and around the rear of the premises, so we’d be urging people in Tamworth, even though it’s getting hotter and they leave their windows and doors open, that they secure their premises and make sure their valuables are kept in safe places within their homes,” he said.

Anyone with information on the identity of the offenders is urged to contact Tamworth police or Crime Stoppers.

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