Love is in the air for a match made in devil heaven

AS CUPID weaves his magic around the region this Valentine’s Day, love is also in the air at Devil Ark in the Barrington Tops.

Princess Mary has met her handsome prince, Frederick, of course, and it’s hoped the union will result in the sound of tiny devil footsteps.

February marks the start of breeding season for the iconic Tasmanian devil and Mary, who arrived at Devil Ark late last year, is the most genetically-important female in the national breeding program.

“Mary has settled in very well and has now reached sexual maturity, so is ready to breed for the first time,” operations manager Tim Faulkner said yesterday.

Prince Frederick is the most genetically-important male in the program, so it’s hoped they’re a match made in devil heaven.

If all goes well Princess Mary will become pregnant between now and June, with just a 21-day gestation period.

This is the third breeding season for Devil Ark, the largest and most successful Tasmanian devil breeding facility in Australia. 

Previous results have exceeded expectations, with 26 joeys born in 2011 and 40 last year.

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