Tamworth Regional Council cancels festival tent city

PLANS to establish a festival tent city in Tamworth’s Viaduct Park have collapsed. 

A development approval was given for a temporary tent city, an initiative of Tamworth Regional Council, in the park at the end of last year.

The original intention was to be able to cater for up to 500 people in 200 tents. 

Tamworth Regional Council general manager Paul Bennett said the reason to wind back the tent city, and subsequent decision to cater for the 25 tents already booked in nearby Tamworth Rugby Park, had been made before any additional infrastructure to support the tent city had been brought in. 

“The decision was made because a number of inquiries we fielded suggested people were interested but hesitant to book, not knowing what to expect,” he said.

“As a result we decided to offer the already-booked tents in the north-western end of Rugby Park, in addition to the camp sites they offer, so that we can promote the tent city, with the hope of growing it into the future.

"We hope ... people will be able to have a look at what’s on offer and begin to book for next year.”

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