Plenty of room to park the helicopter

A HELICOPTER parked in the paddock near the Stockman’s Motel at Kingswood on Tamworth’s outskirts has prompted plenty of speculation from locals and highway motorists – but it’s simply a new wave of the difference in houseguests for summer.

While the motel was built to capitalise on the semi-rural setting that afforded guests some paddock space to park big rigs or horse trailers and those who wanted a homestay experience surrounded by sheep and cattle, the latest drop-in is stationed here in case of fire duty, says the pilot.

Stockman’s Motel owner Dayle Vincent said the pilot told him he’s on standby duty to help control fires around the region.

The chopper, in town since last Thursday, could be here for up to two months or might only be here for a couple of weeks if the pilot was called to fire duties in a different town. 

It was the first time anyone who had stayed at the motel had parked a helicopter there, Mr Vincent said, although there’s been plenty of other big vehicles.

The motel was built in 2009 and Mr Vincent said they were hoping to build a pool within the next month or so – and down the track they’re still interested in further exploiting the potential for guests here for Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre activities and those who want the bushland landscape outside their motel room window.

Mr Vincent said he hoped to eventually build stables there as well, although guests with animals still have the big backyard for overnight accommodation now.

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