101 Christmases and still counting 

CHRISTMAS has changed a lot in 101 years, but for Edith Jeffries, getting together with family remains a favourite part of the day.

Mrs Jeffries celebrated her 101st birthday yesterday and next Tuesday will mark her 102nd Christmas.

Even after 101 Christmases, she still fondly remembers those she celebrated as a child.

“They were always better when you were growing up. Christmases were everything,” Mrs Jeffries said.

Back then she and her family lived at Mount George on the Mid NorthCoast.

She remembers being about seven years old and having one of her brothers creep into her room in the early morning to compare what gifts Santa had brought, before all the families got together at the beach.

But back in those days, very few people had a car.

“I remember them harnessing up the horses and sulkies and buggies to go to Old Bar Beach (near Taree),” she said.

She said there was always a good atmosphere and everyone used to love the day.

Another pleasant memory is that of the gifts her grandmother would give the children.

Mrs Jeffries said her grandmother would buy handkerchiefs from travelling salespeople for each of the kids, and it was something they loved.

“If you got a little fancy hanky for Christmas, you’d think you were made,” Mrs Jeffries said.

Nearly a century on, Christmas is still spent with family.

“It’s lovely to get together and have our dinner,” Mrs Jeffries said.

“Oh yes, you enjoy the Christmas fun.”

She may have seen more than the average person, but Mrs Jeffries plans on celebrating at least a few more Christmas Days – her brother lived to 102 years and three months old, and she says she’s “trying to catch him”.

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