Family links to South Public school

THE Bailey family have a special link to Tamworth South Public School and will have more reasons than most to celebrate on Wednesday, December 5.

The school is marking its 60th anniversary with a birthday reunion and is issuing an invitation to past students and staff to join in the walk down memory lane.

The festivities will start at 10.30am at the school with a whole school presentation, after which participants can take a stroll around the school and take in the display of memorabilia that includes photos dating back 60 years, when the school began its life at what is now Tamworth High.

A few years later it moved to its present site. 

The school’s teacher librarian, David Bailey, was a student of Tamworth South, his two daughters, Tamika and Katelyn, are students now and his mum, Elizabeth, was a teacher there before David was born.

He’s looking forward to the reunion and is hopeful of catching up with old school friends and former teachers.

One of the chief organisers, Helen Owen, a teacher at the school from 1985 until her retirement last year, said they’d had a good response.

She said she knew of groups of older past students who were organising tables for the dinner at Wests on the night and a number of teachers who taught in the 1960s  would be attending.

Mr Bailey said there was a growing buzz around the campus as the date drew nearer.

For Mrs Owen, organising the event has been a nice finish to her long association with Tamworth South Public.

“It’s come a long way from the one building it started with ... and I know older past students and teachers will be surprised by how it’s changed since they were here,” she said.

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