Using roundabouts isn’t all that hard 

I cannot believe the outcry over the so called new rules for roundabouts.

The rules are not new, they have been in place since roundabouts came about. Imagine this, the roundabout is a separate road, each road that leaves the circle is a branch, so it is simple, indicate to leave with your left blinker.

I have watched with interest since the so-called new rule became madatory on November 1. I would say the driver of one in every 19 cars puts their blinker on to leave the roundabout. Why is it so hard?

To the people who insist on not doing it, do not whinge when you get booked, you have been given ample warning.

As for pedestrians having right of way when you are turning left or right into another street, come on people, this is just commonsense. What are you going to do, run them over? Understand this rule applies only if the person has already walked onto the road. You do not have to stop if they are on the footpath waiting to cross.

Pedestrians have to use their brains as well.

So please, don’t panic, just think. It really is all too easy.




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