Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the USA, and with people tuning in from around the world it’s no surprise that advertisers go a little commercial crazy.

In fact it's almost a tradition as Americans wait each year to see what their favourite brands come up with.

This put a lot of pressure on advertisers to come up with the funniest and most creative ads.

Below you can watch this year’s biggest and best.

Chrysler commercial

Chrysler Group used the theme of American spirit to its full advantage in their ad.

Volkswagen commercial

This is probably the most creative commercial – a chorus of dog barks to make the theme song of Darth Vader.

Honda CR-V commercial

In this adaptation of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, Honda has made a hilarious commercial with Matthew Broderick.

Acura NSX commercial

Acura has effectively used one of the US’s all-time favourite comedians, Jerry Seinfeld and teamed him up with a fast car.

Audi commercial

Audi used a vampire/Twilight theme in their ad for the new Audi LED headlights.

Chevrolet commercial

Chevrolet has made a hilarious commercial about a graduate, a Chevy and a fridge.

Toyota Camry commercial

Toyota’s ad for their ‘reinvented’ Camry depicts how they would like other things reinvented.

Coca Cola commercial

Polar bears watching the Super Bowl – what could be more entertaining?

Doritos commercial

In the Doritos ad, some Nacho Cheese Doritos are used as a bribe by a killer dog.

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