‘Ignoring the facts in order to take a cheap shot’

Once again the Greens have demonstrated an alarming lack of understanding of the details on air quality monitoring in the Hunter, preferring to ignore facts in order to take a cheap shot at the mining industry.

Cate Faehrmann has called for a third party to monitor the results from the Upper Hunter Air 

Quality Monitoring Network (UHAQMN), claiming that the mining industry cannot be trusted to monitor itself.

This is a typical cheap shot from the Greens and ignores the fact that the air quality monitoring results from the UHAQMN are already monitored by a third party – the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

It’s very difficult to take the claims of the Greens seriously when they demonstrate such a lack of understanding of the facts.

Cate Faehrmann’s cheap shot also ignores the fact that all the monitoring results from the UHAQMN are also publicly available in real time on the EPA website for anyone to access and monitor for themselves.

The mining industry understands that air quality is an issue in the Upper Hunter. That’s why we funded the UHAQMN – 14 air quality monitoring stations across the upper Hunter Valley monitored by the EPA.

 So far the mining industry has committed $2.7 million to the installation and ongoing operation of the UHAQMN.

The industry is committed to the ongoing funding of the network and we are in the process of finalising ongoing funding arrangements in consultation with the NSW government.

If the Greens would like someone else to pay then we would welcome their contribution. It would be nice for once, to see the Greens offer some practical and constructive suggestions.


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