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Roberts and Morrow merge with Malvern Mathews Smith to combine resources and increase capabilities

Roberts and Morrow and Malvern Mathews Smith (MMS) will operate under the Roberts and Morrow name from 1 August. Photo: Supplied.

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The Tamworth business community is set to benefit from the merger of two of the region's longest standing and well renowned chartered accounting firms, to take place on 1 August, kicking off the new financial year.

Roberts and Morrow and Malvern Mathews Smith (MMS) will operate under the Roberts and Morrow name, pooling their resources to deliver an expansive and comprehensive financial services offering to the Tamworth region.

Under the combined expertise of the new and improved Roberts and Morrow firm, the company will be further empowered to assist even more businesses and people than ever before.

With the merger, Roberts and Morrow intend to provide competitive, diverse and innovative solutions to clients throughout the entire Tamworth region.

Services include accounting, tax, business information, financial planning, superannuation advice, IT services and legal solutions. They will place special emphasis on succession and estate planning, and have a specialist division devoted to audit and advisory services.

"We've always focused on building a reputation for quality services backed up by integrity, and professionalism. We're passionate about being there for our clients through each step of their business journey and helping them achieve personal goals," said Roberts and Morrow partner, Tanya Bagster.

"Our internal culture fosters a stable approach and open and honest communication. Combining forces with Malvern Mathews Smith means we can continue to expand our support for clients as their needs and priorities change."

The combined expertise of the two firms spans an impressive 180 years, with Roberts and Morrow in operation for 70 years and Malvern Mathews Smith servicing the Tamworth community for 110 years. They have an intimate understanding of the business needs in the Tamworth community, and now with improved capabilities, they are an unstoppable force.

"We're local business owners ourselves, and we want to contribute to growing the local region," said Ms Bagster.

"We'll remain as committed to our client's needs as we've always been - and with our larger capacity in Tamworth, we'll be able to generate even more sustainable value. The growth possibilities for the region are really exciting, we look forward to being a part of this," Ms Bagster said.

But business clients are not the only ones to benefit from the exciting merge of the two companies. Staff will be exposed to even more opportunities for skill development and career growth, with a solid foundation of partners as mentors.

"The merger will give clients access to more specialist advisers and assist in overcoming the staff shortages smaller firms experience along with providing a better career path for staff," said Steve Mathews, from Malvern Mathews Smith.

The exciting plan guarantees a bright future for Roberts and Morrow, their staff and the business community they devote their expertise to.

Businesses will benefit from the wide offering of services, diversity in specialists and breadth of combined experience. The move is a powerful way to kick off the new financial year.

This is branded content for Roberts and Morrow