Obama was the better bet

The electorate usually gets it right and so it is that Barack Obama has been returned to the White House for a second term as President of the United States of America.

For the American people there was a lot to consider at this election. In troubled times was change the best option or was it best to stick with the stability that President Obama had provided during a significant and protracted national crisis?

The ailing US economy, high unemployment and only moderate economic growth was a backdrop for an election expected to be the closest since George W Bush defeated Al Gore 271 to 266 electoral college votes in the year 2000.

That did not eventuate, with Americans giving President Obama a considerable endorsement, electing him by 303 votes to 206 according to last night’s count. 

The last four years have been tough work for President Obama and the American people have had to endure a lot. The gloss of the biggest and most powerful economy in the world had well and truly worn off as the nation struggled to pick itself up and rebuild its economic foundations.

President Obama has won his right to a second term on the back of a belief within America that he is the best man to deliver the recovery the USA so desperately needs. The four years ahead will define the Obama years and provide him with the opportunity to be remembered for more than just being the first black president.

The disappointment of defeat was evident on the face of Republican challenger Mitt Romney when he fronted his supporters to concede defeat. Governor Romney firmly believed he would win.

But Mitt Romney may have made a fatal political mistake in his second bid to become President of the United States of America. With all of America’s woes firmly at the feet of Obama, he thought this election was simply his to win.

His campaign, however, was full of holes, gaffs and mistakes. The election which Republicans thought was well and truly within reach started to slip away in the final days of the campaign.

The electorate did not believe Mitt Romney. President Obama was the better bet.


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