Tamworth's Bicentennial Park will be overrun on Sunday with dogs and their owners

Man's best friend: Dogs and their owners will be out and about on Sunday. Photo: Gareth Gardner 051017GGB005
Man's best friend: Dogs and their owners will be out and about on Sunday. Photo: Gareth Gardner 051017GGB005

Canines and their doting companions are invited to attend Bicentennial Park on Sunday 14 October for Tamworth Regional Council’s annual Gala Day for Dogs.

The day will cater to both pet owners and their four-legged friends with a BBQ, raffles, stalls, dog parades, dog agility courses and training demonstrations.

“Dogs and their owners have a very special bond,” Melissa Molloy, Animal Control Officer at Tamworth Regional Council said.

“We want the Gala Day for Dogs to be a fun day out for pet owners and their four-legged mates, whilst also providing useful information on the best ways to care for them and perhaps planting the seed of pet adoption in the minds of some.”

For those looking for information on caring for their dogs, a number of organisations will be participating on the day, including Tamworth Regional Council Pound, RSPCA, Animal Welfare League Tamworth, Heaven Can Wait Animal Shelter and Greyhound Rehoming Manilla.

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These groups can assist visitors with information on pet adoption, rehoming, desexing, microchipping, registration and eligibility for pet owner subsidies.

Dog owners are encouraged to participate in the hugely popular parade on Sunday, with prizes up for grabs in the following categories:

  • Senior Dog
  • Best Dressed Dog
  • Best Costume Matching Pair
  • Best Owner Dog Look A Like
  • Best Child Handler 16 Years and Under
  • Best Adult Handler 16 Years and Over
  • Most Vocal Dog & Owner

Also on the event program is an insightful training demo hosted by Oxley Dog Training Club and the police dog squad, led by Tamworth Police Dog Handler, Constable Adam Gersback. 

“It’s a great day and a local highlight on the calendar of dog-lovers. Pet owners or not, we welcome everyone to come along, have a pat and enjoy the company of “mans-best friend,”’ said Ms Molloy

About Gala Day for Dogs

  • WHAT: A Gala Day for Dogs is a chance for dog lovers to come together for a day out and learn more about animal care and pet adoption. 
  • WHEN: 10am to 1pm, Sunday 14 October 2018