Heavy vehicles will have to use a detour around Connors Creek bridge after a load limit comes into play

A 4.5 tonne load limit is being put on Connors Creek Bridge, on Woodsreef Road, Barraba, ahead of work to replace the structure in the coming months. The load limit will be in effect from Wednesday, September 19.

A 5km detour will be in place for heavy vehicles, with the exception of b-doubles with gross mass greater than 4.5t, via Barraba Station Road and Jump Up Road, to bypass the bridge and travel back onto Woodsreef Road. Signage will be in place for this detour.

B-doubles are not suitable to use the Barraba Station Road and Jump Up Road detour, and are being directed to use Gulf Creek Road to access Woodsreef Road, McIntyre Road, Bundarra Road and beyond.

The bridge has been reduced to single lane traffic since May after Council identified damage to one of the timber piers. However, a recent inspection of the bridge has identified another damaged pier which appears to have happened recently and in the interest of public safety loads on the bridge are being reduced. Council expects structural replacement works to commence in the coming months. 

The bridge will be closed to all traffic upon commencement of works. All stakeholders will be notified of this change in the weeks leading up to commencement.