Tamworth Nepalese community celebrate traditional Teej festival

TAMWORTH’S growing Nepalese community will come together at the town hall on Tuesday to celebrate a traditional Hindu festival.

More than 60 Nepalese Tamworthians will mark Teej, a colourful and superstitious festival dedicated to marital harmony, longevity and success.

The Hindu community has seen a relative boom in Tamworth with organisers expecting this year’s Teej crowd to be twice as big as 2017’s, which was a slightly more intimate affair.


Tamworth man Gopal Niraula said the event is steeped in tradition, from head to toe, particularly for women.

He said it was a significant day in Hindu culture which honours the relationship of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and where followers hope for long and successful marriages.

The festivities will begin in the afternoon.