Gunnedah RSL Sub-branch says it can help veterans in drought

Gunnedah from the air. Photo: Marie Hobson
Gunnedah from the air. Photo: Marie Hobson

Gunnedah RSL Sub-branch is urging drought-stricken veterans to get in touch for assistance.

Sub-branch senior vice-president Peter Ritter said regardless of whether veterans were impacted by the drought on the land or through a business, they are “entitled to access drought assistance” through RSL Welfare.

“Our experience with assistance from RSL Welfare is that members of our sub-branch have had cash payments appearing in their bank accounts the very day after lodging their forms via email, or certainly within the week,” Mr Ritter said.

“I can assure you this is not an idle boast – it is an absolute fact.”

Mr Ritter said the RSL could also help veterans fill our forms to apply for fodder through Aussie Helpers, which now has an office based in Gunnedah.

“We are experiencing exceptionally fast results from Aussie Helpers as well,” he said.

"Experience has shown that our assistance is forthcoming from them within the week in most cases.”

Mr Ritter said veterans “should not be ashamed to accept charity”.

“Charity when accepted with gratitude, you know it’s going to the right people. To me, it’s not greed when it’s accepted in that light,” he said.

“There are always people that say, ‘There are people worse off than me’ and that’s why they don’t claim for assistance but while that’s true, there are also people far better off than them who are accepting it. So that reinforces the fact that you should accept donations to get us through the drought, with gratitude.

“Don’t isolate yourself from the community otherwise the drought wins.”

To contact the Gunnedah RSL Sub-branch, phone 6742 1603 or email

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