Freestyle Tamworth crew compete at NSW State Bouldering Titles

The key for the crew from Freestyle Tamworth at the NSW State Bouldering Titles was to have a good time and anything else that came would be a bonus.

They did that with Freestyle Tamworth’s Chris Eather hailing the weekend a good one for the group.

“Across the board it was great,” Eather said.

“We don’t put a focus on results. It was more a case of seeing a lot of new faces learn a lot.

“For the majority of people, it was their first competition in that format. It’s a big ask for a lot of guys, who have only been training seriously for three months, to go into that arena but they all did a great job.”

The toughest aspect of the competition was its do-or-die nature.

“You basically have two hours and there’s seven problems but every attempt counts,” Eather said.

“In order to win it, you basically have to do each one on your first attempt.”

The boulderers had not other big titles on the horizon.