Pub names: John Ericson will perform a talk on peculiar pubs in Tamworth

THERE’S at least one Royal Hotel in every town.

John Ericson has stopped to wonder why.

In a colourful and entertaining lecture Mr Ericson will talk all things inn insignia, and what exactly it is that makes a pub a fundamental part of history.

Behind The Bucket of Blood, the Cow and Snuffers, the Eager Poet and Blink Jack – there’s a story to tell.

The former University of Bath lecturer where he was director of studies in the School of Education with responsibility for the professional development of teachers, Ericson has worked extensively overseas and has presented at conferences all over the world.

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Along with the talks he has developed from his professional background, he offers presentations on an eclectic range of topics that are derived from his diverse interests and enthusiasms such as, pub signs, children’s book illustrations and the shakers of North America.

His talks are entertaining, highly informative, very well illustrated and presented with warmth and humour.

The presentation is at Tamworth Town Hall on Friday September 7 from 6pm.

For more information email or phone 0407 255 821.