Letters to the Editor || Think carefully before you vote || Greg Daley

Bill Shorten.

Bill Shorten.

If the Labor Party assume that they are to reside in the lodge, their priority would be to depose Shorten, their bombastic scorner of humanity and narcissism.

Shorten has no;

  • Political rectitude
  • Personality
  • Political acumen
  • Compunction
  • Substance (heart)

Shorten is;

  • Obsequious (sycophantic)
  • Vain/haughty/conceited
  • Sectary (collaborator)
  • In plain grammar – a non-essential

Could you envisage the chaos this country would undergo if these ‘Labor Luvvies’ and their ministers were elected – God forbid.

If you want anarchy – vote Labor Party – they will deliver an anarchic government for you to suffer unbearable displeasure and our wonderful country will no longer be wonderful!

Think wisely at the ballot box if you want the above vote accordingly – if you want approbation and advocacy vote for the coalition government and you will receive the qualities as above.

Greg Daley,