Who is our last Face of Tamworth?

Tonight’s installment of Faces of Tamworth brings us to the end of our almost-year-long project.

And we have someone really special picked out – someone unique and unlike any other resident of this remarkable place.

Just about every day for the past several months, we have shared stories with you about people that we – and you – believe have made some kind of a mark on the city, its development and its character over the past two centuries.

Some, like our first subject Max Ellis, could be considered one of the most respected founding fathers of some of the iconic events and reputation of the city.

Some, like Suzanne Turner, help to keep things ticking over in the background without any fanfare, for our aging residents, through countless hours of volunteering.

Some, like young indigenous woman Georgia Taggart, are promising examples of the future of our city and of Australia.

Some, like street character Paul “Coxy” Cox or condemned man Michael Connelly, may have divided our readers’ opinions, but we stand by them as Faces of Tamworth who will long be remembered.

We started this special project as part of the city-wide commemoration of 200 years since explorer John Oxley came across this area, an occasion that later led to the establishment of what would become a thriving city of more than 40,000 people.

Limited as we were to bringing you just 200 faces from all the years that have lapsed since 1818, we’re well aware we’ve missed out some outstanding individuals. The list was never meant to be comprehensive.

But there’s just one more person we’d like to add to it: you.

You are tonight’s Face of Tamworth.

You might lead a business or non-profit organisation; you might have your working years behind you and now volunteer your time; you might be an achiever on the sports field or on the stage; you might think you’re just an everyday person living an unremarkable life; or you might not be what or where you want in life – but you are a vital colourful chip in the incredible mosaic of people who make Tamworth what it is, what it was and what it will be.

Thank you for coming on this Faces of Tamworth journey with us. We’re proud to have shared your stories, and we’re thankful you’ve shared them with us.