Letters to the Editor: Saturday September 1, 2018

CSG debate: The Liverpool Plains.
CSG debate: The Liverpool Plains.

CSG debate

I would l like to congratulate Dubbo Regional Council who recently voted unanimously to ban Coal Seam Gas (CSG) development in their region.

This outcome was reached after years of community anxiety expressed to local council representatives about potential risks to agriculture and groundwater resources that could not be mitigated. In a June 2018 survey, 93% of responders overwhelmingly said no to CSG development in the Dubbo region.

Recently I visited Narrabri with other concerned community members to ‘door knock’ the town asking residents’ opinion on the Santos Pilliga CSG proposal.

The response was very revealing, with many strongly opposed to the development, but sadly or perhaps shockingly many simply admitting they didn’t know much detail about the proposed development; nor the risks to climate, land and their water resources.

In June I met Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Michael McCormack in Gunnedah and we discussed my concerns about new coal & CSG developments in our region. He listened to my concerns, yet other conversations with local elected representatives raised significant red flags.

Tamworth Nationals MP Kevin Anderson strongly advocated for CSG development in the “Curlewis area” and Gunnedah Mayor Jamie Chaffey when presented with the possibility of either renewable energy developments or CSG projects in his local government area, said he would take both.

As a local farmer in Liverpool Plains Shire with a CSG exploration license ‘hanging over’ our family farms when will our Local and State representatives listen to our concerns and respect the wishes of their electorate like other regional councils have?

Peter Wills


Remove the viaduct

I believe the viaduct should be removed for safety reasons and economic reasons also.

It is a simple operation to remove and can if ever needed to be replaced.

I have seen it removed about twenty years ago for maintenance on the brickwork.

I agree with Councillor Galetly just plonk it next door.

Roger Patricks


Trump and the internet

President Trump tweeted that 'Google search results for Trump News shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake New Media.' implying that they are not publishing all results for people's searches. This prompted me to do a similar search and see what my name produced.

I found that most references in the first 100 results were to champion football players - definitely not me or obituaries - hopefully not me. There were a number of criminals, a lawyer, a police officer and even a teacher like me but not me.

If I include specific references to addresses, work locations or newspapers that I write letters to some entries come up but most of my life and its 'achievements' are not shown. Perhaps I should actually value my ordinary, semi-anonymous life for what it is rather than seek the fleeting fame of internet celebrity.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Box Hill