Aussie Helpers welcomes donated fruit and vegetables from Flemington markets in Sydney | Photos

DROUGHT-stricken farmers across the region have benefited from the arrival of stock feed from the Flemington fruit market in Sydney.

With the first delivery arriving on Friday evening, Aussie Helpers have been hard at work distributing the donated goods to farmers in need of fodder.

Flemington fruit market team member Daniel Ter Wisscha said the idea gained a lot of momentum.

“My auntie is from Gunnedah and she told me about how tough things are up there at the moment,” Mr Ter Wisscha said.

“I organise the transport at the markets everyday and once I mentioned the idea of donating the off-cuts and fruit boxes, everyone got involved really quickly.

“Lindsay Brothers Transport put their hand up to transport it all straight away and to be honest I’m blown away by how willing everyone is to help.”

Mr Ter Wisscha said Gunnedah could expect a weekly delivery from the markets.

“I don’t see it being an issue going forward so hopefully we can continue to help,” he said.

“Normally all of the off-cuts and everything would go to nearby farmers but at the moment it’s needed more in Gunnedah.

“To me I think is about people doing what they can to help each other out, while the food was never going to go to waste, it’s really pleasing that it can go to people who could really use it.

“As well as the deliveries, we are currently working with the Sydney markets chamber to really make it a collaborate effort and get everyone involved with the markets on the same page.” 

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Aussie Helpers team member Dave Moon said the donations were greatly appreciated.

“It’s a bit different that’s for sure, but in a drought as bad as this one we all need to think outside of the box sometimes,” Mr Moon said.

“To me, I think it is actually really quite nice that people far away from the drought affected areas are sympathising with those going through it and trying to help.”

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