What does Barnaby Joyce think about the leadership change?

Well it has been a very dissatisfying time in our political experience.

I don’t believe it is right to remove a Prime Minister and I don’t believe a former Prime Minister, if he loses his job, should resign if we only have a one seat majority which he has relied on for the current term.

I don’t believe it is any good for our nation that we head to a new election merely two years after the last federal election. Many things in government take years to move from an idea in the electorate to a passed policy of a government.

We need to keep to the path of helping with requirements of this devastating drought. We need legislation for divestiture powers to break up power companies which exploit you so we can bring down your power bill.

We need to continue building the dams and the Inland Rail.

We need to continue on a path of decentralisation of government jobs to regional areas. Labor will not help with any of these.

Now Scott Morrison is the new Prime Minister and he has all the pressure of running Cabinet and so much more, an awesome task in which so little is ever seen by the public. If you want to age quickly then get yourself elected to high office.

Scott coming from Treasurer is by necessity a positive. You can’t be throwing money around when you are personally answerable for it.

I hope his first task however is to get on the ground in rural areas to see drought at its apex where on writing this, the rainfall here this calendar year is the same as the annual rainfall of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.

I think Malcolm Turnbull will actually feel a huge weight come off his shoulders. It takes a toll and you can see those in high office age before your eyes on television.

I was annoyed on Friday when ABC said I was not in the electorate, that is wrong. Our seat goes from the Queensland border to the middle of the Hunter and every corner deserves to see you; Legume as much as Tamworth, Gundy as much as Armidale. The facts are there have been only a few days in the last month where I was not in the electorate or at Parliament.

As I write this, The Nationals are negotiating a new Coalition agreement which happens with a change in leadership.

We ask for a deal for you the people of regional Australia and the people of the New England.

Tomorrow I have more talks with government to continue our work to try and secure the Qantas pilot academy in Tamworth among other things.

Barnaby Joyce

Member for New England