Gunnedah's churches on site at AgQuip

Lifequip is back for another year at AgQuip, with entertainment, talks and a hot cuppa.

For about 30 years, Gunnedah’s churches come together to provide a space for AgQuip-goers to have a rest, sit and chat and hear from Christian speakers.

Highlights this year have included a performance by the Salvation Army's brass band and a twice-daily demonstration from farmer and Compasion volunteer Ian Paige.

The farmer comes from Duri and has trained his working dogs to climb ladders and cross beams at great heights. Smarty and Ding performed as a small crowd gathered, and Trusty watched on because he was bitten by a snake and is now shaky on his legs.

“Smarty, Ding and Trusty are all sisters and they’re my work mates on the farm,” Mr Paige said.

“I don’t know how I’d cope on the farm without them, especially in times like this.”

Ding climbs a ladder.

Mr Paige said he was injured by a goat once and blacked out with the pain. When he came to, he could feel Trusty lying on his chest, staying by him.

The farmer said dogs could show “compassion” and went on to explain that people could show compassion to one another, and shared his involvement with Compassion Australia, which runs a major child sponsorship program.

The LifeQuip site can be seen from a distance with its distinctive lighthouse.

The LifeQuip site can be seen from a distance with its distinctive lighthouse.

Mr Paige has a booklet of stories about his dogs and uses them as analogies for lessons he has learnt about God. The booklet is available at the LifeQuip site at 36-37 BB.


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