Faces of Tamworth campaign reaches the halfway mark, are you on board yet?

NEW CHAPTER: Retired paramedic Bob Wales was a 'Face of Tamworth'. Photo: Gareth Gardner
NEW CHAPTER: Retired paramedic Bob Wales was a 'Face of Tamworth'. Photo: Gareth Gardner

We here at The Leader hit something of a milestone this week with regard to our ongoing ‘Faces of Tamworth’ campaign, when we reached the halfway point.

The aim of the campaign – which was instigated to coincide with Tamworth’s Bicentenary – was to feature 200 recognisable individuals (historical and current day), who have helped shape Tamworth into the city it is today, and to tell you a little bit about each individual and how it is they have contributed to this city’s rich framework.

Some of them are more obvious than others, while some have worked away quietly in the background.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these each day, as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Our thanks must go out to those people who have made suggestions for us to follow up, and of course Michael Cashman and the Tamworth Historical Society for providing us with the necessary background on the more historical figures in this campaign.

As far as we are concerned, you could not have asked for a more ecclectic group.

From nurses and volunteers at the local hospital, to cabbies, former mayors, current and past political leaders, vets, footy coaches and administrators, and everyone in between, we certainly are an ‘interesting bunch’ to say the least.

When it comes down to it that’s what makes this such a great place to live really. 

We are a city of doers, a city of believers.

We take nothing for granted.

Instead of sitting on our bums waiting for things to happen, we make it happen.

When you think about it that’s probably been most evident in more recent times. 

With the drought impacting just about everyone in some way or another, our town has rallied to help.

Stoic in our response to the big dry, we will not let it get us down!

So over the coming month, sit back and relax.

Enjoy the remaining Faces of Tamworth, and celebrate what it is that makes our community the special place we all enjoy.