Faces of Tamworth: Councillor Russell Webb

SERVICE: Russell Webb has served as a councillor for 27 consecutive years. Photo: Peter Hardin
SERVICE: Russell Webb has served as a councillor for 27 consecutive years. Photo: Peter Hardin

Russell Webb’s tenure as a councillor has spanned over three different decades and two councils, but he's always had only one goal – to serve the community.

He was first elected to Parry Shire Council in 1991, and again put his hand up for the newly amalgamated Tamworth Regional Council in 2004.

Come the next round of local government elections in 2020, he’ll be just shy of 30 consecutive years as a councillor.

“It feels like a hellvua long time,” he said with a laugh.

“But it’s been an interesting journey and one I’m really happy to have had.

“It’s probably one of the best ways you can contribute to your local community and get good outcomes.”

While he’s been apart of some big decisions, Cr Webb was quick to shut down talk of any personal achievement when The Leader asked him to list a few highlights.

“The thing I’ll say is that you never achieve anything on your own, it’s always as part of a team,” he said.

“Back in the Parry Shire days, we did a very good job of managing our road infrastructure, and our fleet of graders, which was owned by council, was the envy of most other rural councils.

“Another highlight was being apart of the newly elected team in 2004 when we amalgamated. That’s something I’ll always remember and definitely something we pulled off together, not as individuals.

“I’m a strong believe that you should contribute to the community while you can.

“Not all decision we make will be 100 per cent popular, but with information at hand, we have to make a judgement with the view of what is best for the wider community in the long term.”

While Cr Webb is undecided if he'll go another round, he encouraged others to throw their hat in the ring.

“If there is anybody out there thinking of running for local government and you feel you can contribute, please put your hand up, because communities like ours work better when we have people prepared to turn up and work hard,” he said

“There’s a lot of work involved, but it’s very rewarding.”