Roo Arcus plan to turn music into hay during drought | VIDEO

Roo Arcus on his property in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
Roo Arcus on his property in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Country singer Roo Arcus runs a cattle property near Goulburn in the Southern Highlands.

After being hit hard by the drought, Arcus has launched a website to sell albums, which he hopes will pay for enough hay to feed his remaining cattle.

“We’ve got to get ourselves out of trouble here,” Arcus said. “And we think we can do it without having to go to the wonderful people like Drought Angels, Need For Feed and Buy A Bale.

“We don’t want to put our hand out for that. We want to see if we can turn a shed full of CDs into a shed full of hay.”

Arcus and his family have had to sell their herd of breeding cows and calves, but have held onto some young replacement heifers and a few cows to hopefully start again when the drought breaks.

On Friday, the singer posted a video online explaining his situation, and his plan to turn feed his remaining stock.

“You work for decades, sometimes it takes generations of farmers to get this sort of end product,” Arcus says in the video. “I’m not saying we had the best cattle in the world, but we had the best cattle that we could breed, and they were beautiful handling cattle.

“Those calves and cows we put on a truck, and we waved goodbye to our next year’s income.”

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You can help Arcus feed his remaining livestock by turning 'music into hay'.

“Rather than making a donation, if you could buy a CD, we’re going to turn that into hay,” Arcus says in the video.

Arcus has set up a website,, to sell copies of his album, This Here Cowboy.