Our say: what about less giving and more listening

A new initiative donating proceeds from beers to farmers. Photo: Gareth Gardner 150818GGG05
A new initiative donating proceeds from beers to farmers. Photo: Gareth Gardner 150818GGG05

YOU cannot help but notice the amount of ‘help’ being dished out at the moment.

Pizza parlours wants to chip in some dough, a few bucks from your beer are going to the cause and now all levels of government are in on the action.

This week, Tamworth Regional Council voted in favour of a slew of measures aimed at giving some comfort to people living on the land.

All of the towns in the council boundaries will be able to fill up on some water from standpipe hydrants almost indefinitely, for free.


In a nifty scheme, revenue earned off water sold at the Lockheed Street refill station will go to the Salvation Army through the Tamworth “R U Aware, We Care” campaign.

The TRC water fund earned almost $45,000 from this asset in the last three months.

A potential river of gold in a dry time.

While the generosity is endlessly flowing for the farmers right now, it’s hard to go a day without word of someone else chipping in their two cents, almost literally, it seems something else has congealed.

There has been a great silence on the other end about what is actually wanted and needed.

Charity boxes have been consistently filled in malls and shops with non-perishable foods and toiletries, but is that what helps right now.

Your ‘parmas for farmers’ and other tin-rattling exercises may be good at heart, but you’ve got to question the efficacy of it all.

Is it going to the right place, is it wanted.

Government offerings of support for the farmers have been graciously and cautiously welcomed by producers sidled next to politicians making announcements.

But rain’s the real remedy. 

Until then, acts compassion are good, but shouldn’t necessarily be congratulated.

Compassion should be tempered with humility.

While it’s hard to say council’s measures aren’t belated, they have been welcomed, but it’d be great to hear more of what’s needed.

What do you think of this support? Write a letter to the editor. Click this link to have your say.