Tamworth Theatre Talk: Wrestling superstars take the stage

Superstar wrestlers: International Wrestling Australia stars are making their hefty way back to Tamworth.

Superstar wrestlers: International Wrestling Australia stars are making their hefty way back to Tamworth.

IWA - International Wrestling Australia is set to return to Tamworth TRECC for one night only as part of their 20 Year Anniversary Tour on September 8 at 8pm for Wrestle Revolution 2.

For the past 20 years, they have been perfecting a unique form of live entertainment that has to be seen to be believed - a slick combination of comedy, athleticism and drama.

They are the physical embodiment of comic book superheroes and villains.

The tour will feature some of Australia's most talented and accomplished performers, including TMDK member The Monster, Jonah Rock and crowd favourite Cowboy Chris Abbott along with a great cast of IWA Wrestling superstars.

Some of the wrestlers have performed for the global juggernaut WWE, along with other major wrestling companies from around the world, including Japan and Europe.

Get set for a great night of body-slamming, back-breaking wrestling action that will appeal to the whole family from terrifying heavyweights to awe-inspiring aerial artists and tag team specialists.

All the glitz, glamour, pageantry, posing and spandex of wrestling's yesteryear remain, but presented in a fresh, family-friendly format relevant to modern audiences complete with gripping storylines of tragedy and triumph and stage production that provides an experience the family will never forget.

Circus Oz

Circus Oz explodes back on stage with a high-octane circus show on September 1 and 2 at the Capitol Theatre for three action-packed shows.

The performance – Model Citizens – seamlessly blends the risk and beauty of breathtaking physical improbability with theatricality, choreography and Circus Oz’s distinct brand of Australian humour.

Stunningly lit and driven by a sensational live music soundtrack, Model Citizens unfolds within a  cleverly designed model-kit world  that challenges perspective, scale and concepts of normality.

In Model Citizens ,over-sized, everyday objects are used as unexpected circus equipment that create an intriguing new playground for the all-human ensemble.

Acrobats will backflip off a giant vertical peg, become tangled in an oversized cotton reel, balance on a house of oversized collapsing cards and fly high in an enormous pair of aerial undies.

Romeo and Juliet

Tamworth Dramatic Society will present a “made in Tamworth” production of Shakespeare’s most beloved play Romeo and Juliet, as vibrant and lively as ever. 

You can catch Tamworth Dramatic Society’s production at Capitol Theatre Tamworth opening this Friday, August 17 through to Saturday, August 25. 

To book your seats visit entertainmentvenues.com.au, call 6766 2028, or visit the box office at Capitol Theatre and The Big Golden Guitar.