Tamworth Theatre Talk: Bringing the classic Romeo and Juliet to life

Meet the Capulets: Ellie Sampson (Lady Capulet), Maddy Shearman (Juliet Capulet), Daniel Gillett (Lord Capulet) from Romeo and Juliet.
Meet the Capulets: Ellie Sampson (Lady Capulet), Maddy Shearman (Juliet Capulet), Daniel Gillett (Lord Capulet) from Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is a timeless Shakespeare tale of young love struggling to survive amid a brutal and long standing feud between two families.

Tamworth Dramatic Society is proud to present a “made in Tamworth” production of Shakespeare’s most beloved play, as vibrant and lively as ever, speaking boldly across the centuries to the divided world we live in today.

Tamworth Dramatic Society’s production of Romeo and Juliet will be on stage at Capitol Theatre Tamworth from Friday, August 17 through to Saturday, August 25. 

Mamamia Out Loud

And grab your girlfriends, sisters, mothers and partners for a night out with Mamamia Out Loud! on August 17 at Tamworth Town Hall.

Sure to be a great night, the award-winning podcast, hosted by Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens is coming to Tamworth to raise money for drought relief in the local area through well-known charity, Drought Angels, supporting local farmers, their families and communities.

If you listen to the twice-weekly show you will know that there is no topic too big or too small for our hosts. Expect laughs, discussions and everything from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood and feminism to fashion.  Why not get a group together… you’ll have a ball.

Model Citizens

Circus Oz will explode back on stage on September 1 and 2 at Capitol Theatre for three action-packed shows.

Circus Oz’s Model Citizens seamlessly blends the risk and beauty of breathtaking physical improbability with theatricality, choreography and Circus Oz’s distinct brand of Australian humour.

Stunningly lit and driven by a sensational live music soundtrack, Model Citizens unfolds within a cleverly designed model-kit world that challenges perspective, scale and concepts of normality.

In Model Citizens, over-sized, everyday objects are used as unexpected circus equipment that create an intriguing new playground for the all-human ensemble.

Acrobats will backflip off a giant vertical clothespeg, become tangled in an oversized cotton reel, balance on a house of oversized collapsing cards and fly high in an enormous pair of aerial undies!

Exposing circus skills in unconventional ways, Model Citizens presents stunning group acrobatics with a twist.

Model Citizens is a visually and emotionally charged journey by the multi-talented Circus Oz ensemble.

To book your seats to any of these shows, visit entertainmentvenues.com.au, call 6766 2028, or visit the box office at Capitol Theatre and The Big Golden Guitar.