Letters to the Editor || Take pride in our city || Richard Hutt

Anzac Park Memorial gates.
Anzac Park Memorial gates.

Tamworth has always enjoyed a rich history in all genres of music but I cannot understand why the powers that be are allowing our historic Band Rotunda in Anzac Park to fall into such dreadful state of disrepair. 

Parts of the brickwork are now eroding, some of the woodwork is rotten, and the flooring’s nails are protruding from many of the planks. It is a disgrace. 

By permitting this to occur, is this the perfect excuse to eventually demolish it due to complete lack of care and maintenance? Nowadays, this does appear to be a known trend and one which inevitably results with eventual demolition.

Tamworth has an appalling record for not taking care and protecting our historic buildings. I fear this is yet another example. 

Our Band Rotunda being over 118 years old, is one of the very few constructions of its grand age still left standing in Tamworth. It was opened in Britten Park (later re-named Anzac Park) by the then Mayor, Alderman H.C. Ison in the year 1900. It certainly does not deserve to be neglected.

Why can’t this important part of our city’s history be properly maintained and used for the very purpose it was built? 

Why can’t it nowadays be purposely promoted in order to bring back music to this beautiful park’s picturesque setting for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors alike? 

Why can’t our local brass or pipe bands take the initiative to regularly perform there at weekends? 

Music from the Rotunda would provide a wonderful atmosphere for the park and perhaps even on other occasions such as when the popular Long Lunches are hosted in the park.

Surely the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium would find it beneficial if they could support such an idea for its own use which, at the same time, would not only further expose their presence in Tamworth but bring joy to many? It would also offer their students another window of opportunity to experience performing live at such a public venue.

Whilst on the subject of Anzac Park, can the powers that be please, please repair the Light of Remembrance Globe underneath the archway of the Anzac Park War Memorial Gates in Brisbane Street so that, most importantly, it actually works? It is such a sad reflection on our City to see this lamp never lit at any time, and particularly so when is should be alight during the dark and early hours of our annual Anzac Day Dawn Services. 

We were once known as The City of Light, but if this Globe cannot be fixed electronically by our authorities, then why not consider resorting to solar power to ensure it is kept operating? 

Who is in charge of Anzac Park and maintenance of its facilities? In any case, this Globe should always be burning, just as other Memorial Lights and Eternal Flames are all around the world. 

To those who instantly fear this lone lamp may attract vandalism, we must never pander to possible threats from the low life who would use this purely as an excuse for their own destructive ‘entertainment’.  

That is exactly what occurred when many of our lost heroes’ names were defaced on the said memorial prior to Anzac Day this year.

Lest we Forget.

Richard Hutt