Letters to the Editor || What are they thinking? || Tony Aceti

What sort of brainless idiot Politician or Bureaucrat (no one else would do so), would send either a text message or an email to the talk back show the other day saying that a fire is to be considered a National Disaster, a flood is a National Disaster too, but a drought is not because it can be prevented and or expected.

Now tell me as to how a fire is not to be expected when a lightning storm or some glory seeker can start one going when he/she wants to do so. Then tell me how a flood is not to be expected when it only takes a quick and unexpected change in the weather pattern to get one going too. And don't forget the town planners which are allowing developers to build in flood prone zones too. And now I would like this person to tell us how we can prevent a drought simply by expecting to get one when it is all up in the hands of the Gods.

The length, duration, and the gravity of the drought is also a non predictable case as well because no one really knows what it will bring along with it.

In my case I always keep hundreds of round bales of hay stacked away just in case, but where did it get me to this year?? Nowhere. Not enough to last me for more than a couple of months and none of my winter crops have developed enough to help me. Some of them shot up while others haven't even germinated, let alone the kangaroos and the deer cleaning up on the little bit which managed to came up.

At times I wonder how these people think and if they have anything at all between the ears, or even manage to get their mouth into gears before the brains does.

Tony Aceti,