Letters to the Editor || Thanks to hospital staff || Laurie Henry

I recently spent a short period of five days in our local hospital; I just wanted to publicly thank the whole of the hospital staff and the two ambulance officers that picked me up and transported me to the hospital.

After the ambulance officers had professionally treated me; the staff a the hospital went to work on me, everyone was very kind and courteous to me and in my opinion all very professional. The doctors and nurses were extremely efficient and professional in their work.

I thought I would just like to publicly thank all of these people for their professional ability, in treating patients in such courteous and professional manner.

It seems to me that the whole physics of the hospital has changed everyone seems to be very happy working there and all staff are doing their job to the best of their ability. Even the people cleaning the floors and the people pushing the trolleys.

I felt I had to express my gratitude and thanks to all of the people working and running such an efficient and professional health service.

Laurie Henry,