Grizzly on a roll with Tiny tandem offset disc ploughs

Tiny is the biggest, heaviest plough in Grizzly’s range.
Tiny is the biggest, heaviest plough in Grizzly’s range.

GRIZZLY has just released its range of rollers to fit its ironically named Tiny tandem offset disc ploughs.

Tiny is the biggest, heaviest plough in Grizzly’s range.

Hydraulically operated, the rear crumble roller is easy to use, effective and creates a finer finish out the back, making a versatile tandem offset disc even more versatile then it was before.

Farmers can get the finish of the much less aggressive speed discs at the same time as getting the digging and penetrating ability of a heavy duty tandem offset.

“To get in and work deep in really hard and tight country as well as working deep in cotton and other irrigated crops is what a lot of farmers were telling us they needed,” Grizzly marketing manager, Skye Poltrock, said.

“Now we have the machine that will do it. 

“It was imperative that the machine continued to fold to under 3.5 metres for road transport and our designers have very cleverly achieved this.

“The machine can even be used as a traditional plough with the roller in its transport position if the conditions don’t suit the roller or it isn’t required.

“Grizzly has been testing the new addition over the past 12 months with promising results near it’s manufacturing base of Swan Hill, Victoria, on a mixed farm which includes irrigation and rice.

“It is some of the toughest and demanding conditions around and the results have been exceptional.

“Dealing with the rice stubble along with wet and sticky and sometimes extremely hard and dry conditions makes this some of the most challenging conditions.

“The roller performed exceptionally in these these tough conditions and most importantly finished the cultivation with a smooth seedbed ready finish.

“Tiny 230 is the most versatile and operator friendly tandem offset disc Grizzly has ever produced and is market-leading due to its heavy construction and the six angles of aggression that can be set on the machine.

“It can be easily adjusted to an aggressive setting and will penetrate the hardest country where the operator needs to achieve maximum depth and maximum turning over of the soil.

“The landholder can choose a middle setting to achieve general cultivation.

“With a roller to suit, the user can achieve the desired finish in one pass.”

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