Tamworth 200: Meet the Faces of Tamworth

CELEBRATIONS: How The Leader showcased the Tamworth 200 events and profiled the history of the city.

CELEBRATIONS: How The Leader showcased the Tamworth 200 events and profiled the history of the city.

The Northern Daily Leader is celebrating the 200-year anniversary of explorer John Oxley reaching the Peel River by profiling 200 faces of Tamworth. 

Meet the faces from now and yesteryear who have helped to make the city what it is today.

  1. Country music king Max Ellis 
  2. Dairy farmers Wes and Julie Brown
  3. Baker, brewer, businessman Charles Jeffries Britten
  4. First European child born in Tamworth George Byrnes
  5. Former citizen of the year, the late Barbara Doherty 
  6. Former professional cyclist Sam Spokes
  7. Melbourne Cup engraver Ron Croxon
  8. Auctioneer, grazier and councillor Nathan Cohen
  9. Deputy mayor Helen Tickle
  10. Joseph Chaffey arrives in Tamworth in 1852
  11. Australia’s oldest man, the late Alf Powell
  12. The face of Daffodil Day Margaret Rock
  13. Greg Townsend, the rodeo rider, butcher and TPAA president
  14. Kamilaroi man Len Waters
  15. Commissioner for Crown Lands, Edward Mayne
  16. Tamworth Fire Station Captain Warren Clark
  17. Filmmaker, politico Geordie Brown
  18. Country music singer Ashleigh Dallas
  19. Journalist, foreign correspondent, newsreader Mark Ferguson
  20. Motor Cycle Club founder Harry Pyne
  21. Blacksmith William Settatree
  22. Former RSL Sub-branch president and volunteer Bob Chapman
  23. Peter and Jane Wong bring Chinese cuisine to Tamworth 
  24. Community advocate and man on the land, Kevin Tongue
  25. Shearing machine inventor William Silver
  26. Retired real estate power couple Richie and Robyn Thornton
  27. Musician Rusty Crook
  28. Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson
  29. Professional dancer Verity Brown
  30. Community icon Jim Finucane
  31. Beekeeper Ray Hull
  32. City’s first teacher William Henry Porter
  33. Councillor Juanita Wilson
  34. Former councillor and ambulance Inspector Ray Tait
  35. Golden Guitar winning artist Jodie Crosby
  36. Oxley Superintendent Fred Trench
  37. Local artist Peter Hooper
  38. Birth of first European girl, Elizabeth “Betsy” Johnston
  39. Bull rider Bradie Gray
  40. Firefighter Gerry Cannon
  41. The woman behind the park, Florence 'Granny' Munro
  42. Multicultural advocate Eddie Whitham
  43. Man behind the region’s best-kept collection, the late Allan Wright
  44. Tamworth councillor Mark Rodda
  45. Former NRL player Tom Learoyd-Lahrs
  46. Mark Coyle goes from delivering to owning
  47. Artist Annie Everingham
  48. Queen of Country Music Alex Kellahan
  49. Flight instructor Judy McKenzie
  50. Woodworker Jack Massey
  51. Endurance athlete Warren Wright
  52. Tamworth councillor Charles Impey
  53. Chief Constable James Dwyer
  54. Munro’s Mill owner Donald Munro
  55. Veteran running coach Wally Warner 
  56. Waratahs veteran Paddy Ryan
  57. Landowner and grazier Robert Pringle
  58. The Morning Show presenter Kylie Gillies
  59. Former mayor and long-term councillor James Treloar
  60. Businessman and council stalwart Warren Woodley 
  61. Builder of Tamworth William Dowell
  62. Veteran firefighter Dennis Gross
  63. Salvation Army Captain’s Dean and Rhonda Clutterbuck
  64. Olympian hockey player Michael York
  65. Entertainment venues manager Peter Ross
  66. Medicinal cannabis campaigner Lucy Haslam
  67. Tunnel Rat in the Vietnam War Vic Underwood
  68. Durum wheat breeder Dr Ray Hare
  69. City’s first mayor Philip Gidley King
  70. Paramedic Bob Wales 
  71. High school teacher and cancer survivor Greg Parker
  72. Australian Youth Representative Benson Saulo
  73. Businesswoman and regional advocate Robbie Sefton
  74. Veteran cricketer Arthur Yates
  75. McGrath Nurse Nerridah Prentice
  76. Retail man, volunteer Bob Barber
  77. Country music writer Anna Rose
  78. Charity worker, CWA member and centenarian Phyl Bylund
  79. Cricketer Gerhard Labuschagne
  80. Visionary leader David John
  81. Sportsman and volunteer Greg Kellett
  82. Barrister, grazier, politician and philanthropist Ian Sinclair
  83. Prison officer Mandy Porter
  84. Longtime hairdresser and mentor Brian Condon
  85. Speed machine Emma Klasen
  86. Everyday hero Rowan Pollard
  87. Local cricket icon, businessman Terry Psarakis
  88. Youngest heart transplant recipient Fiona Coote
  89. Dry cleaner Robyn Daley
  90. Former politician and solider Ernest Noel Park
  91. Palliative care worker Mary-Anne Dieckmann
  92. Tamworth born and raised musician Andy Golledge
  93. Rugby coach and Magpies life member Peter Burke
  94. Famed trainer Merv Corliss 
  95. Westpac Rescue Helicopter hero Barry Walton
  96. NASA scientist and planet discoverer Stephen Kane
  97. Cricketer and musician John Muller
  98. Tamworth Hospital Intensive Care Unit volunteer Alice Edmunds
  99. Former mayor Norman McKellar
  100. Palliative care campaigner Mitch Williams
  101. Aboriginal elder Yvonne Kent
  102. Tamworth basketball star Nick Kay
  103. Actor and teacher Philip Quast
  104. Long-time veterans’ advocate Sandra Lambkin
  105. Policewoman and highest ranking female officer in Tamworth, Inspector Kylie Endemi
  106. WWI hero Cecil Wise
  107. The iconic Coxy
  108. Birth Beat founder and midwife Edwina Sharrock
  109. Supercoach Ron Surtees
  110. Basketball coach Patrick Hunt
  111. Flour miller John Basil Regan
  112. Veteran veterinarian Peter Best
  113. Dance teacher Kellie Singh
  114. Businessman Gary Tickle
  115. Music management marvel Kurt Bailey
  116. Hockey-loving father and son Richard and Matt Willis
  117. Kate McDonald defies doctors and walks again
  118. Volunteer extraordinaire Suzanne Turner
  119. Doctor and educator Jenny May
  120. Young citizen of the year Georgia Taggart 
  121. Bash bedfellows Bruce Collier and Simon Norvill 
  122. Retired magistrate Mal MacPherson
  123. BMX racer Jack Davis
  124. Swimming coach Greg Poetschka
  125. City’s first to be legally executed, Michael Connelly
  126. Gomeroi soldier William Allan Irwin
  127. Former citizen of the year Joy Ballard
  128. Tamworth first grade cricket siblings Lachlan and Jess Davidson
  129. Country music volunteer Lorraine Pfitzner
  130. Multicultural ambassador Titus Alias 
  131. Powerstation Museum volunteer Kenneth Russell 
  132. Youth advocate Aimee Caulfield
  133. Veteran rescue dog volunteer Jean Medlock 
  134. Blacksmith and metal worker Craig Drew
  135. Winemaker Richard Done
  136. Festival co-founder and curator Eric Scott
  137. Rugby league stalwarts Bev Thomas and Patty Dewhurst
  138. Rugby journeyman Mick Snowden
  139. Centenarian siblings Nevell McDonald and Phyllis Peterson
  140. Weather watcher David Farrenden
  141. Late business stalwart Keith Singh
  142. Teacher and bowls enthusiast Kevin Clifton
  143. Cabbie crusader Ryan Newberry
  144. Music teacher and conductor Ann Hoy
  145. Tamworth Clay Target Club's Peter Holmes
  146. Chef, teacher Cameron Falzon
  147. Sevens star and Farrer alumni John Porch
  148. Young golfer Tom Gill
  149. Sheet metal worker Bruce Hamer
  150. Harness racing’s grande dame Julie Maughan
  151. Former North Tamworth Bears coach Brad McManus
  152. Martial arts master Clint Chaffey
  153. Garlic grower Roy Cody
  154. Local land carer Stephanie Cameron
  155. City, country guiding light June Smyth
  156. World War II veteran W L Chillingworth
  157. Firie, musician and broadcaster Brian Howard
  158. Guesthouse owner Jody Ekert
  159. Mystery spinner John Gleeson
  160. Long time golfer Judy King
  161. Metal muso Chris Butler
  162. Women's cricket star Erin Osborne
  163. District hospital life governor Andrew John Telfer
  164. Australian softball captain Stacey Porter
  165. Tamworth mayor Col Murray
  166. Former Canberra Raider Alan Tongue
  167. BMX racer Jack Davis
  168. Champion of sport Ian "Butch" Southwell
  169. Historian, teacher Warren Newman OAM
  170. Former editor, journalist Ann Newling
  171. Council stalwart Glenn Inglis
  172. Councillor Russell Webb
  173. Fire and Rescue Commander Tom Cooper
  174. Variety basher Graham Meyer
  175. Connexions Cafe supervisor Wendy Capararo
  176. West Tamworth Tennis Club president John Ball
  177. Tamworth Basketball legend Neil Gaffney
  178. Youthie worker, volunteer and local mother Veronica Filby
  179. Sporting fan turned official Simon Hood
  180. Artist, former Wests' coach Tony La Chiusa
  181. Tamworth Kangaroos forward Dan Overeem
  182. Water polo stalwarts Sean Hofman, Gail Salter and Ross White
  183. Australia Post veteran David Grant
  184. AFL stalwart Gerry Griffiths
  185. Muay thai fighter Josh McCulloch
  186. Horse trainer Sue Grills
  187. Australian Bravery Award recipient Nathan Constable
  188. North West sport stalwart Rod Hobbs
  189. Michelin star chef Ben Davies
  190. Politician, soldier William Adolphus Chaffey
  191. Long-serving alderman Raymond A Walsh
  192. RFS Superintendent Allyn Purkiss
  193. Top shooters Clive and George Barton
  194. Rugby league stalwart Jack Woolaston
  195. North Companions stalwart Ben Todd
  196. Australian cricketer Josh Hazlewood
  197. Late jockey Darren Jones
  198. Former Australian water polo captain Nathan Thomas
  199. Historian Lyall Green
  200. Who is our last Face of Tamworth?