Surplus boasting is not helping farmers

Government coffers are full, farmers paddocks are empty.
Government coffers are full, farmers paddocks are empty.

Kevin Anderson gave his annual State of the State address to almost 100 local stakeholders on Tuesday, and while no one in that room was blown away there is only so much a politician can say in half an hour that they haven’t said before.

One interesting point that did come up was the fact that Tamworth Regional Council Mayor Col Murray grabbed a microphone and joined Mr Anderson on stage to help him out during the Q&A session at the back end.

While it may have been a telling insight into who is driving a local initiative, it could also serve as an example of two levels of government working together for a common cause.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the State and Federal Governments, who seem to be more interested in blaming each other and locking metro votes down than actually helping the people clothing and feeding the nation.

Mr Anderson and his Lib Nat cohorts have been blathering on for several years about how much money they have in the coffers, their war chests, or squirrelled away for an ironically rainy day.

Well today is that day. Open those coffers and pour some money into the farmers that are facing one of the harshest droughts since the earth cooled a few thousand millennia ago.

Mr Anderson said “we all need to pray for rain”. Why? Does God hate us? 

Here is a better idea, remember all that money that “we” got when we privatised the electricity grid, and was promised for regional communities, well now is the time to cut that cheque. Now “we” are selling off the Snowy Hydro for $4 billion, which has again been “quarantined” for regional communities. You know who lives in regional communities? Farmers, and businesses that rely on farmers; and they are dying.

Will you only notice when complimentary tickets to the grand final at the brand new stadium doesn’t come with a beer and a pie, because there is no barley or beef?

That is the reality of what is happening, and the truly awful thing is you have the power to help, you just aren’t.