Letters to the Editor || Unimportant by-elections

Sooner or later it will occur to some died in the wool major party voter to wonder why, if these by-elections mean nothing, I want them to vote someone else into these seats. 

A fair question, (shame they don’t usually think before they vote). I certainly don’t want to do the major party traitors any favours. But I do want to do Australia a squillion favours! 

The main complaint I’ve heard from major party voters, are objections concerning mass immigration! I want it shut down completely, then measures taken to reduce breeding, but I’ll take whatever I can get! 

If major party voters show their displeasure at these unimportant by-elections, one, or all of the major parties, may, at least, reduce the immigration numbers to a trickle.

That’s what I want out of it.  What do you want?

Frank Brown