Letters to the Editor || Inland Australia is dying

Successive Australian Governments have given away billions in overseas aid to foreign countries many of which openly preach hate towards Australia and want us killed because we do not share their fanatical religious nonsense while our nation suffers terrible droughts and farmers forever struggle to keep going.  

This is treasonous neglect by deliberate act, openly showing their total contempt to Australia’s future.  For over 50 years we have been writing to politicians and the press trying to keep this money here to build dams, railway, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals – but politicians and the press are not interested; everyone sees only the money they can earn form the status quo, no one wants to stand up and fight for Australia over and above their own personal vested interests.

We are bloody well ashamed at the neglected state of our rural industries and their communities, billions given away overseas to many governments who appear corrupt and incompetent, we are not responsible for them: We are responsible for our rural Australia and its people.  

Where has the money gone that should have built dams and infrastructure over the last 50 years – it went into creating egos for politicians who gave away our future. 

Australia could have been close to drought-proof with massive dams in our inland – but it is not because of inept politicians. 

Farmers can’t afford to buy hay to keep their breeders alive and are going broke and still governments give away our taxpayers money to overseas organisations. 

That indelibly shows their true contempt for the people and the country they live in. 

Political incompetence now has Australia hopelessly in debt, rural and secondary industries failing, famers ready to give, electricity prices now unaffordable to many and still not enough intelligent understanding that new power stations must be built to save Australia, welfare payments unsustainable, while we continue wasting billions on renewables that do not work at night and when the wind stops therefore not economically viable – their carbon construction footprint is huge, and politicians are promising to spend millions to win votes driving Australia deeper into financial oblivion. 

G J May