Barnaby Joyce’s media adviser without a mobile phone after nine months

Member for New England Barnaby Joyce’s on-again, off-again relationship with local and national media has taken another turn with the revelation that his electorate media adviser Sam Woods has yet to receive a work phone after nine months on the job.

This comes despite the fact that Mr Joyce has racked up employee costs of more than $78,000 in the first three months of the year.

His recent parliamentary expense report showed from January to March this year, he’d spent more than $57,000 on printing and communications and more than $36,000 on office facilities.

Mr Joyce has become increasingly difficult to contact and less frequently seen in the electorate since news of his affair broke in February, and Mr Woods has confirmed he is still yet to receive a work phone after nine months on the job. 

Mr Woods told The Leader he was not prepared to give his personal mobile phone number details because he was unwilling to deal with national media outlets contacting him “at all hours of the night”.

He nevertheless conceded that some national media organisations had his personal contact details.