Tamworth musicians' July show to revive 1980 super band

ALMOST 40 years ago, an oversized band travelled NSW in a “very exciting ... red-hot” tour.

Next month, many of them are getting back together for an oversized birthday party – and you’re invited.

It’s the reiteration of Country Cream, the 1980 creation of businessman and musician Gerry Ward, who wanted to show people outside of Tamworth just how good the city’s performers were.

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Mr Ward is turning 70 this year and said he could think of no better way to celebrate than with the show at Blazes, West Tamworth League Club, on July 21.

Then ...

He said what inspired the idea for Country Cream all those years ago was was when Buck Owens came to town.

“He did his show at the town hall; he had 10 people on stage and everyone was featured at some stage during the show,” he said.

“My thought was: ‘We’ve got people every bit as good as these players in Tamworth, and one day I’m going to put a show together and get them on stage’.”

So he did.

They kicked off their gigs in Tamworth, then hired a Hannafords coach to tour in and around Sydney.

“I bought a brand-new, full-size PA and 20 microphones and all the bells and whistles,” Mr Ward said.

“It sounded and looked bloody great … It was very exciting; it was red-hot.”

… and now

This time around, Guy Kachel will open the show, followed up by Totally Gourdacious with Andrew Clermont, Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan.

Then Country Cream 2.0 will hit the stage.

Of the original 10-strong line-up, Randall Wilson (drums), Pixie Jenkins (vocals, mandolin, guitar), Cate McCarthy (vocals) and Lynette Guest-Walker (vocals, acoustic guitar) will be there again the second time ’round.

They will be joined by Robbie Brown (bass) and Lawrie Minson (“guitars, harmonicas and whatever else he feels like playing on the night”).

“It’ll be an evening of musical mayhem … at least four hours of music and people just won’t get that sort of value for money anytime, anywhere, outside the festival.”

Tickets will go on sale soon.