Letters to the Editor || Bill Newell weighs into the CSG debate

I'm puzzled by people who say they were born and bred in the Narrabri district and have proud family connections 200 years old, and then make pronouncements on CSG as if ancestry has made them infallible. 

I guess they're establishing their bona fides as class lords, but what a long leap it is from lord of the manor to expert in CSG mining! 

These people often claim to have "done research". Investigation of the family tree is unlikely to produce comprehension of the laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics and geology necessary to understanding the complexity of a sedimentary basin.

It becomes impossible then to apply those laws to making sound argument for or against drilling through the Great Artesian Basin.

Lack of knowledge turns argument to jelly; vested interests suck out even more marrow:

“There’s nothing so passionate as a vested interest disguised as an intellectual conviction.”

Such interests should be declared in any form of argument.

There are experienced, independent scientists in Australia quite capable of applying laws of science to mining processes, but even they are unsure in some areas.

The six scientists on the IESC are concerned about the speed and extent of drawdown, long – term integrity of wells, baseline water data and the use of computer simulations to draw ironclad conclusions.

The IESC has given advice on the Santos RtS, available in the public domain.

There is no indication that Santos is even listening to the IESC.

Instead they are running surveys in Narrabri and parading bush royalty trying to win over a public strongly opposed (98%) to a failed process that is creating havoc worldwide.

The preoccupation with Narrabri seems strange as the proposed gasfield spans 98000 hectares over fourteen shires from Moree to Scone. 

Western Australia and the Northern Territory are slated to join the misery of the Queensland gasfields, devastated economically and environmentally by a failed unconventional gas experiment released prematurely by the US.

Global mining conglomerates enabled by government are ripping into countries against fierce opposition from their inhabitants, and are racing against a tsunami of renewables about to engulf their industry. 

They cannot turn back the tide but are willing to risk lives and livelihoods in a last desperate dash for cash.

The countries under threat are fighting back. There are bans and moratoria in twenty - two out of the thirty - eight nations that have retrievable gas reserves. There are growing protests as citizens fight to preserve their water and their most precious resource.

Their children.

P.S Wake up Maitland Street! Switch on your BS detectors. There are a handful of selfish, ignorant people and complicit elements of government trying to con you into accepting a completely unnecessary and irrelevant project.

Bill Newell