Tamworth Eisteddfod: High School Bands battle it out

The High Schools are playing each other, not in sport, but in music at the 71st Tamworth Eisteddfod. 

McCarthy Catholic College, Calrossy Anglican School, Tamworth High School and St Mary’s in Gunnedah performed and competed in the esteemed competition. 

They are among 100s of students who region have flocked to Tamworth for the annual competition.

Music co-convener Todd Power has volunteered at the event for the past three years, and said it’s the joy it brings to the kids that keeps him coming back.


“It’s really good for kids to get out and see what other people are doing, it gives them a real boost to see what they need to work harder,” he said.

“I think one thing we try to do is even though it’s competitive we want it to be an enjoyable experience and we have kids that love dancing, and performing – it’s really lovely.”

As well as music, students can demonstrate their talents in dance, drama and choral speech.

All of the sections are competitive, and scholarships are awarded to the best performers in each division.

The 71st Tamworth Eisteddfod will wrap up on June 22, for more information visit tamwortheisteddfod.org.au.