Snapped: Were you out and about over the long weekend

The Queens Birthday long weekend saw the region turn into a hive of activity, with even a few drops of rain falling to further lift spirits.

The Tamworth June Baseball Carnival brings hundreds of players and supporters to the city every year, and this year was no different.

Meanwhile in Manilla Massey Harris tractors took centre stage at the iconic showground, as the annual Vintage Machinery Rally recorded some of the best figures they have ever had, and a variety of machines the envy of any rally.

Indoors the Tamworth Town Hall was a centre of poise, as hundreds of children from all over the region looked to wow the judges at the Tamworth Eisteddfod.

While there was plenty of organised activity, the long weekend also proved to be the perfect time to just get out and about in local parks and playgrounds, with everywhere from the Marsupial Park to the Tamworth Playground over run with families having some fun in the winter sun.

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