Letters to the Editor || Time to share the love || Greg Daly

I am writing this letter to express my views of the efficacy of the Tamworth Regional Council. 

Unfortunately this is not evident!

I have, as most of the residents of this area ie Weabonga, Dangleman, Mulla Ck roads complained en masse about the dangerous, narrow, rocky and substandard conditions.

This remedy of disaster needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later.

The attached copy of a mailbox drop by the postmistress Kootingal P.O. is self explanatory (see below) and the T.R.C. need to be informed via your newspaper distribution of this dire situation. 

I know the letter refers to idiots speeding on an unsafe road and should be ‘fined’ accordingly, however as mentioned if the road (ie Weabonga) was widened in narrow bends this would lessen the risk of an accident. 

It is plain and simple logic.

However is their (T.R.C) wisdom they would prefer to spend lots of dollars on suburban (city) infrastructure eg the “Fitzroy street mall’ - 4 million dollars could be well spent saving lives instead of pleasurable environs for the city residents.

However, the reasoning of this ineffective local government body is beyond comprehension, that is why they must be replaced with ‘sound thinking individuals’ whom will benefit ‘all and sundry’ not just the city confines.

Greg Daly


Attachment from above:

Hi to all the people that (we) deliver mail to on the Mulla Ck, Echo Hills, Weabonga, Danglemah and Limbri Rd. 

Just a brief note to let you know that one of our drivers was run off the Weabonga Rd on Monday the 30th of April. 

It was around 10 in the morning. 

(Name withheld) is left with a frozen shoulder and is on restricted duties for a few weeks. The driver did not stop.

Lucky it was not more serious. 

I am sending this note out to ask everyone to slow down.

I know we have all got a lot on our minds, however my number one concern is that (we both) get to go home each night in one piece.  

Let’s all look out for each other.